Monday, September 10, 2012

Plants vs Zombies: Popcap does it again.

PvZ: A game that seems so intriguing. Essentially a tower defense game, it's brightly coloured, plays happy music, and involves a speech impaired fat guy with a kitchen pot for a helmet adviser. According to the website, it was been awarded over 30 Game of the Year titles.

In my own humble opinion, this game is on the same level as, say, Angry Birds. Rather mindless, playable by any age; PvZ just didn't offer any mind-tickling puzzles. I picked it up on the Steam Summer Sale, and I honestly wouldn't have paid more than the few dollars that I had. I was severely disappointed.

However, I must admit the game was very well made. It has a distinctive flavour, easily distinguishable. The plants and zombies became very iconic. You will never forget the music. The game itself was easy, simple to understand, simple to master. I would recommend thins game to anyone who is looking for a simple, mindless game to waste a few hours with. It is definitely time Well Wasted.

And for any knitters: Be sure to check out Ginger Grant and her Botanical Creatures vs the Undead pattern on Ravelry!

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