Monday, December 31, 2012


I got a.crank-style pasta machine for Christmas!

Durum semolina flour is extremely difficult to find around these parts, so I've been making due with all-purpose.

I'm still learning how to use it, how to make pasta, really. But I must say, it's fun as hell. And it cooks super fast! Like, two minutes, tops. Very energy efficient! 

I'm going to experiment with different noodle types. Soba and ramen, as well as rice noodles and other things. It's a whole world of possibilities!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Gifts and Scarves

I totally did not realize how long its been since I updated. Curse you, Christmas!

But! I've been able to make Christmas presents for the whole family (almost).

I swear this is pink. I have no idea why everything turns out red on my camera.
I made my stepmother a hat! Its made out of Knitpick's Swish Worsted in Lotus, which I believe they sold out of. I bought it on sale. It was designed to be a quick knit, but it still took me 3 days. Its 2x2 ribbing with garter stitch for the purl ribs.

I made a Christmas Legume. My first real Fair Isle project, I attempted to make an ornament, but it came out much larger and much... tighter than expected.

Its a legume.
For my stepsister, I made a bunny. She really loves rabbits and horses, so I thought it was  good idea. Unfortunately, I don't feel as though she will appreciate it (she's a bit young mentally), but it'll score points with my Dad and stepmum. I had to learn how to seam properly. while it is very time-consuming, it is something I am very glad I learned.

My brother, too, gets a hat, but its just made of cheap acrylic. He won't care for anything requiring special washing care, so I went with easy for him. Its nothing special, 2x2 ribbing. I forgot to take a picture.

I'm still working on my Dad's present--I gave him an IOU. Frankly, I'm so sick of working with sport-weight yarn that its taking me a while. That and the colour doesn't show patterns very well, which is disappointing me.

I think I posted this before, but my Mum got an alpaca headband, early, because she made an impromptu trip to Canada to take care of my grandmother. Mum is back now and my grandmother is feeling better.

I have a few more things I plan on posting about, so forgive my sparse posts!