Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Knitter's Guide

Knitting isn't very complicated. In fact, the reason I love it so much is its simplicity. Its wonderful to sit and do something without thinking, and just relax and let the world happen. So relaxing.

I've come up with a Knitter's Guide with items you may need.

Set of needles

  • Whatever size suites you. I have several pairs of 4mm, I find them to be very useful.

  • Metal or Plastic, these are far more important than one would think. Trying to weave in ends is terrible.
  • I got a pack of 4 at WalMart for probably $2. So worth it.
Yarn Storage
  • Bag or Box, just somewhere where you can keep it all in one place. Particularly if you have cats.


Row Counter
  • Honestly, I just count. But row counters are really cheap, so if you like to have them, you're not going to get set back more than a dollar or two. Smartphone/tablet users can find all sorts of free apps that do the same thing.
DPN stoppers
  • You can get little rubber stoppers for the end of a dpn, so that you may use it as a straight needle. It keeps the stitches from going off the other end. Personally, if I had anything that large, I'd switch to a straight needle. If this is not an option, just use my grandmother's trick--put a rubber band around the end. Same effect.
Measuring Tape
  • If you have a sewing measuring tape, its a great idea to use it. Personally, I love mine. However, a ruler works just as well. Seriously.
Round Markers
  • These are very useful for marking rounds, or places where you need to do a certain stitch, or any other number of things. A small piece of contracting colour in a loop works just as well. 
  • Obviously, any scissors will work. But you may want to invest in a pair of small knitting scissors. Easier to carry around.

Similarly, you could just buy a Knit Kit, something that has been on my wish-list for a while, but I keep forgetting about it when holidays arrive. Its super awesome and handy and TSA approved. Cause that's important.

When I was in grade school, we weren't allowed to have needles--they thought we'd stab each other or something. But my friends still wanted to learn how to knit. I taught them using pencils. Made the yarn all grey.

However, if you are a crafty person, and I assume you are, you can even go so far as to make your own needles. There are some really cool How-To's on how to do these. I think I might do a post about that, its a good excuse to make my own.

Happy Knitting!

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