Monday, October 22, 2012

Office Space Hallowe'en Decorations

Paper, highighters, some paperclips, a rubber band...

We're gonna make some decorations out of office supplies.

If you're one of millions of Americans that work desk jobs, you probably hate your job and everything about it. You probably need a break from the long, monotonous hours of looking at a computer screen.

I have your solution!

Inspired by Shelterness, I decided to make my own paper pumpkins, in the office.

Step one: Cut paper into long pieces.

Step two (optional): Colour said paper pieces. Your interns will love this--colouring at work! Highlighters and sharpies are your friends.

Step three: Punch holes in the ends of the paper pieces.

Step four: Tie a knot in the end of a piece of string, or a rubber band, or else chain several paper clips together and unbend the end of one of them. Thread though one of the (set) of holes. Thread end through the other holes. Pull until there is about 2" of string/band/chain between the pices of paper. It will kinda look like a lute. Tie off.

Step five: Spread the pieces out, to form a ball!

Cut a thin strip of paper. Colour both sides (I chose black).
Twist tightly, holding for about 5 seconds. Release, and gently loosen. Tape to top of pumpkin.

Cut a small piece of paper, colour, and tape into a ring. Tape to top of pumpkin.
And you're done!

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