Friday, October 19, 2012

AMC's The Walking Dead

From Robert Kirkman's popular graphic novel comes a television show not quite like the dramas we've seen before.

Rick Grimes wakes up in a post-apocalyptic world were the the dead Walk once again.

Sounds like a pretty normal Zombie set-up to me. But the Walking Dead features something far greater than a gory love story. Because in this universe, the greatest enemy isn't the slow, shambling UnDead, but rather the Walking Dead--the people who attempt to survive.

Season Three started this Sunday, bringing new characters that make the reads of the comic both cheer and cringe. 

While the television show does now follow the book exactly, both hold common themes and major events that focus on the reactions of the Group and those around them.

Oh, and its not available on Dish anymore, but you can watch it online on AMC's website the day after it airs. Myself, I don't have cable, so this is a very wonderful option for me.

*Spoilers after this point*

This weekend, we got our first look at the jail. The Group fashions a home from Cell Block C, attempting to cure their exhaustion and prepare for Lori's baby. We must note that she is farther along in her pregnancy than the comic had at this point, which leads us to believe that this will be a main problem of this arc. Rick and Lori seem to be on rough terms, and have not truly discussed the possibilty of the baby being Shane's. In my own opinion, this is the least of their problems, as Shane is double dead and Rick has a sort of male-lion claim to all the children of the heard. We can also see that Carl is starting to favour his Dad. This relationship, and Rick's distancing from Lori, leads me to believe that Lori is not long for this world. Rick will soon develop his passion for saving Carl above all others. Oh, and their medic lost a leg. Lets hope he's still around to deliver.

Micchone is taking care of a feverish Andrea. Still separated from the group, an extremely well-cast Micchone insists on staying while Andrea plays the martyr. We can safely assume that a reunion will be soon.

We found the alive prisoners. I hope they cast well and kept the same characters. I really do. Hopefully it will give Andrea a chance to redeem herself as a badass, I'll be very disappointed otherwise. 

I feel like the major arc will be Lori-Baby-Rick, Rick's judgement being questioned (after chopping off Hershel's infected leg with A HATCHET), and what to do with prisoners in a world where crime is survival. Some great moral issues. And, of course, the ultimate question of morals... The Govenor. I love this show. Makes you think.

Overall, this is a refreshing look at the Zombie story--where its not about fighting zombies, but about surviving with humans.

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