Friday, November 9, 2012

Stigma Against Loosing Weight.

As a medium-sized person, I have seen signs of resentment when I exibit weight-loss behaviours. If I eat a small lunch, for example, or mention the caloric content of an item of food.

'But you're so skinny! You don't need to loose weight. Me, on the other hand...'

Are people that self-centered that they refuse to realize that most people have the same body image issues as they do?

Personally, I don't feel the need to loose much weight. In fact, I'd be perfectly happy with gaining the numbers if I could loose the belly fat. My weight loss goal is only 15 pounds, maximum (I've lost 6--almost halfway there!) The difference in the way I look outwardly would be slight; most people won't notice a difference. But my jeans will fit better, I won't be scared of swimsuits, and I'll overall feel better. Trimming a small amount of fat will make me healthier physically and mentally. Similarly, I am loosing the weight in quite a healthy manner, not by starving myself as people try to make it seem, but by portion control and limiting my caloric intake enough to use stored energy. And not put my body in starvation mode.

But as a medium-sized person, other people--even meduim sized ones--show resentment and concern if I exhibit these behaviours. I now don't even tell people of my special diet, for fear of critisism. 'You don't need to loose weight, be happy with the body God gave you.'

God gave me a body, but He didn't shove the food in my mouth.

In high school, people would always say how skinny I way. When I told them my jean size, they were shocked. 'There's no way! 9? No, you're like a 2.' Sorry my friends, I'm carrying a lot more fat around than I let appear. Just because I don't let it hang over too-tight jeans, doesn't mean its not there.

I am so confused with people, and why they think that its okay to criticize someone on something they obviously feel poorly about--why else would I be dieting--and that they know what is best for you. Why its only okay to be worried about your image if you are medically obese. You are only allowed to start thinking about your health when your health has deteriorated to a point when it can medically effect you. People are so backwards. Thank you, I want to look out for myself. Forgive my ignorance to the culture.

For anyone who is trying to loose weight or is thinking about it, do your research first. Find out how many calories a day you should eat for your activity level. Measure your BMI, and measure the BMI for your 'desired' weight. A number on a scale may sound pretty, but unhealthy is unhealthy. Exersize. Take the time to fidn a work-out plan that's right for you. When you've done your research, and can confidently say you're going to do something healthy for yourself, then you can go without guilt when people criticize you. You have the power to control your weight, and you have to power to do it in a healthy manner.

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