Monday, November 5, 2012

Hats, Scarves, and Collars

With the advent of a cold front here in Georgia, I've turned my knitting to warmer things, rather than decorative.

Seed Stitch Collar

I prefer collars to scarves for a few reasons: One, they are a much faster knit. Two, they don't get caught in zippers and on velcro on your jacket. Three, they just look cool.

I made a really simple seed stitch collar with buttons for these reasons.

CO 30 sts
Knit one row
[k1, p1] to end of row
[p1, k1] to end of row

Repeat until work measures around your neck comfortably

[k1, p1] Twice, k1, cast off 6th stitch, repeat until end of row
Next row, seed stitch, and add the cast off stitches back onto the needle
Repeat another 4-5 rows of seed stitch, cast off.

Its a rectangle with button holes.

Add buttons, and you're done!

Newsboy Hat

I'd give you the pattern for this, but I honestly can't remember what I did.

I know I used elements of Starcap, and I did a seed stitch band (I love seed stitch). Other than that, its not too clear.

Ravenclaw Scarf

I'm currently working on a Ravenclaw scarf for Boyfriend. He really wants one. I wanted to do it in book colours, rather than movie colours (blue and bronze vs blue and silver), but we had limited yarn choices. I went with 1x1 ribbing; I think that makes it look really clean. Using Caron Simply Soft (like the poor college student that I am) in 'Celestial' and 'Grey Heather'.

I think Matching gloves would be pretty awesome, too.

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