Thursday, January 3, 2013

Steampunk Handkerchief

I am a bit of a steampunk. The engineer in me just loves it. Gears as jewelry? Incredible contraptions? Welding goggles as a fashion statement? Who wouldn't love it?

I prefer the classier side, more Victorian than Street Urchin. I love to find old Victorian knitting patterns, although her come with pictures, so I've been hesitant to try them.

I have found a depressingly small amount of really steampunk-y knitting patterns. I did buy the Ladies of Mischief's Needles and Artifice, and I do quite enjoy the items in there (particularly the scarf!) Unfortunately, there are few other items I have been able to find. Yes, I have looked at everything with a steampunk tag on Ravelry.

Anyway, all that blather leads me to my pattern. I made a handkerchief! I can't say its authentic or anything, but I like it.

I wanted a solid piece of fabric, a solid core. Then I wanted a nice lace edging, sort of symbolic of function encased in fashion. I think the colours are what give it the correct rustic feeling.

Folds up nicely.

You will need:
Sport weight cotton yarn. I used Knitpick's Simply Cotton in Heather Brass, but the colour has been discontinued,to my dismay.
Contrasting colour of crotchet cotton.I know there's different sizes and such, but it does not matter
US Size 4 needles
US Size 2 needles
Tapestry needle

Gauge: 6 sts = 1 inch
Finished size: 8"x8"

Cast on 54 sts
K1,P1 to end
P1, K1 to end
Continue in seed stitch until work measures 8".
Cast off.

Switch to smaller needles. Pick up stitches on edges; purl across. I did it by side, then attached the corners together.
K1, [YO, K2Tog, YO, SSK] to end
Purl across
K1, [YO, K2Tog, YO, SSK] to end.
Purl across
Bind off in picot lace; that is to say, k1, slip back to left needle, cast on 2, bind off 4, slip  back to left needle, continue on to end.

Sew up corners, if applicable.
Close-up on lace
Weave in ends.
Monogram if you wish; I added a little pendant.

I like to bring my lunches to work/school in a tupperware, wrapped in a handkerchief, so I quite look forward to using this.

Happy Knitting!

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  1. lovely. just lovely. I look forward to making more than one in different colors. Thank you so much for sharing