Sunday, February 2, 2014

The One Ring Scarf

One Ring to Rule Them All, One Ring to Find Them. One Ring to Bring Them All, and In the Darkness Bind Them

The One Ring Scarf is double-knit on 4mm needles with Caron Simply Soft yarn, 2 skeins Black and 2 skeins Autumn Red. Total yarn cost was about $12. It took 2 months to complete. It's about 8 feet long from end-to-end. It's incredibly warm. I made it for the biggest LOTR nerd I know, my boyfriend. Now I can steal the Ravenclaw scarf I made for him....

I pushed really hard to finish this in time for Georgia to get its first snowfall in three years. I finished the last phrase in 2 days. I wanted it to be useful before Georgia's notoriously short winter came to an end.

I highly suggest using an acrylic for this. I could not have afforded to use a nice yarn, as the pattern used about 1200 yards. Not to mention, Caron Simply Soft is really warm, pretty sturdy, and drapes nicely. It's machine washable, I didn't worry about it getting wet in the snow. I'm very happy with the yarn choice.

Everyone I talk to thinks I should make it an infinity scarf, but honestly, it is way too heavy and way too long to be useful as a ring. Perhaps if you used a sport or finger weight yarn, but at worsted, its just too big.

So prepared!
It really covers the face well, though. It's very wide. It gets good coverage from nose to neck, and ass someone whose chin freezes easily, this is a great thing.

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